Almond Oil for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Almonds are a rich source of oil and the oil can be made from the dried kernel of either sweet or bitter almonds. It has a pale yellow color, a faintly sweet, pleasant odor and tastes nutty.

Benefits of almond oil for hair

Almond oil contains a high amount of vitamin E which is essential for healthy hair and skin. Vitamin E can increase hair growth. Almond oil also contains vitamin D which can help prevent hair loss. Iron, calcium and magnesium are essential minerals that are also found in this oil.

almond oil

Cold pressed sweet almond oil is the most popular choice for use on the hair; it is a light oil that will not weigh hair down and the odor is minimal. A little goes a very long way so it is an economical choice. It is a natural product and cheaper than expensive manufactured hair remedies that may contain irritating chemicals.

Almond oil is a carrier oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and hair and mixed with stronger essential oils effectively; it is a great base oil to mix with more expensive hair oils and make them last longer.

How to use almond oil for hair

For hair growth, almond oil can be regularly massaged into the scalp before washing or before bed. This will condition the scalp and stimulate hair growth, allowing the vitamins and minerals contained in the oil to penetrate the hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

Massage with almond oil will help to soften the skin of the scalp and release dead skin cells and dandruff allowing the debris to be easily washed off so that the scalp is thoroughly cleaned during shampooing.

A few drops can be rubbed into the palm of the hands and brushed through the hair to give a light sheen and make hair feel silky soft without a greasy feel as the hair shaft will be penetrated and smoothed by this oil.

To aid with and prevent hair loss, blend one tablespoon of honey with an egg yolk and one tablespoon of almond oil. Apply the paste to scalp and hair then wrap in a warmed towel. Leave it to sit for an hour then rinse and shampoo. You may use this recipe weekly for soft and strong hair.

You can do effective hot oil treatments with almond oil by warming a few drops to half a cup, depending on the length of hair and completely coating the hair and scalp then leaving for up to an hour before rinsing and shampooing. Sweet almond oil has a more luxurious feel to it than other oils used for hot oil treatments.

Almond oil can be used to make a nourishing mask when added to coconut milk. Mix together in equal parts and cover the hair in the same way as for the hot oil treatment. This treatment will soften hair (and it smells delicious when it’s on). You can add an egg to the mix to add extra body to your hair or half of a ripe avocado along with or instead of the coconut milk to repair very dry or damaged hair.

Try combining two parts almond oil to one part vanilla extract or essential oil and storing in a small, dark glass bottle for an instant hair refresher with a beautiful fragrance.

If you buy organic, cold pressed almond or sweet almond oil, always store in a cool, dark, dry place to preserve it’s health giving benefits. Sweet almond oil is a great choice for locking moisture into hair strands with little mess and fuss. Hair will be more flexible and manageable when styling with regular use. Sweet!

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