Benefits and Uses of Olive Oil for Hair

Who hasn’t heard of olive oil? As well as being delicious and healthy, what makes olive oil even more fabulous is the fact that it can be used to great effect on the hair.

olive oil for hair growth

Benefits of olive oil for hair

The benefits of olive oil when used on the skin have been known since ancient times and they will also help the skin of your scalp, improving the general health of your hair in turn. Olive oil contains polyphenols that have anti fungal and anti bacterial and emollient properties which will help to ward off dandruff, lice and other unhealthy, uncomfortable or dry scalp conditions.

Olive oil is great for curly, frizzy or dry hair as it smooths it out but unlike other styling products, it does not leave any build up.

How to use olive oil for hair

It is best to use extra virgin olive oil as it does not contain any impurities and deeply penetrates hair and scalp more easily.

For deep conditioning, strengthening and growth, mix one beaten egg with three quarters of a cup of olive oil (mix by hand or with a blender for best results) and applying it to freshly shampooed hair. Leave on uncovered hair for 45 minutes to an hour and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or cool water, to avoid the egg cooking. If you have difficulty rinsing, you may use a diluted or mild shampoo. You may also add one quarter of a peeled and chopped cucumber to the mix before blending to make the olive oil conditioner easier to rinse by reducing the residue.

For a scalp treatment and hair nourishment, half a cup olive oil can be mixed with 5 drops of your chosen essential oil and left to sit in a jar for a day then shaken and applied to clean, dry hair or hair that has been rinsed with warm water. Warm the oil mixture by sitting it in a bowl of warm water (not boiling or hot) and then massage the mixture into the scalp, a little at a time, using fingertips and massaging gently, using circular movements until the whole scalp has been covered. Use any leftover oil to rub on the ends of your hair. Cover hair with a plastic bag, which you can secure with a hair clip, clothes peg or by tying. Leave in for 30 minutes at least then rinse well and shampoo as normal or twice, if necessary. You can also use this treatment without essential oil – just apply warmed olive oil alone.

Use these treatments monthly for healthy hair. Those with very dry, chemically treated or Afro hair may use it more often as needed to soften and keep the hair in good condition.

To de-frizz, add just a drop or two of olive oil to wet or dry hair. This will control the frizzy hair and leave a fantastic shine. For fine hair you may want to use even less as olive oil is quite heavy. You can do this after washing or as needed.

Does olive oil make your hair grow?

Olive oil with all it’s benefits will certainly encourage hair growth and can help to prevent or slow down hair loss. Using olive oil in the ways described above can mean you will not need to trim or cut hair as often, which means will you will retain your more of your length allowing you to see the progress of your hair from new growth.

Is olive oil good for your hair?

In short, yes! Olive oil is an effective natural conditioner that will make hair feel softer and shiner. It can minimize damage caused by styling tools and products by providing a protective layer on the hair shaft. As well applying olive oil to the hair externally, you can take it internally; eating it or using it for cooking in moderation will also be beneficial to your hair indirectly by providing healthy dietary fat which helps the body make the fatty acids that are needed to grow hair.

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