There’s no denying that oils are good for hair. With all the different oils available, it can seem daunting to choose the right one for your hair so we have compiled a list of the best oils for hair which are derived from natural sources.

Brief overview of the best oils for hair

Olive oil 

Regular or Extra virgin. Derived from whole olives, a fruit of a Mediterranean tree.

Olive oil

  • Benefits: Softens hair, moisturizes scalp, loosens, improves and removes dandruff flakes, locks moisture into hair, protects hair strands from split ends
  • Use for: scalp massage, hot oil treatments, topical application.
  • Hair type: Dry, thick, brittle or frizzy hair, dandruff prone hair
  • Where to buy: Supermarket, online, specialist shops
  • Price: Mid-range

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Grapeseed oil

Also known as grape seed oil. Pressed from the seeds of grapes.

Grapeseed oil

  • Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, mild astringent, lightweight shine, odorless
  • Use for: Scalp massage, hot oil treatment, mix with other oils
  • Hair type: Thin, greasy or flyaway hair, dry/sore scalp
  • Where to buy: Supermarket, online, specialist shops
  • Price: Mid-range

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Castor oil

Obtained from the pressed seeds of the Castor plant

Castor beans

  • Benefits: Rich in minerals and fatty acids, increases blood circulation to scalp, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, can darken hair
  • Use for: Moisturize hair and scalp, hair loss treatment, scalp massage
  • Hair type: Problems scalps, slow growth, thinning hair, color-faded hair
  • Where to buy: Beauty & hair supply store, health food store, online
  • Price: Low

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Argan oil

Also known as Morrocan oil, produced using the kernels of the Argan tree

Argan oil

  • Benefits: High in vitamin E and fatty acids, penetrates, smoothes and conditions hair, adds luxurious shine, scalp conditioning, prevent split ends
  • Use for: Topical application, mix with hair products, apply to dress the hair
  • Hair type: Chemically treated or damaged hair, dry, dull or frizzy hair
  • Where to buy: Specialist stores, hair and beauty supply stores, online
  • Price: Expensive

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Jojoba oil

Obtained from the liquid produced in the seed of the jojoba plant


  • Benefits: Resembles natural scalp oils, soothes irritated scalp, moisturizing, cleansing, low odor
  • Use for: Scalp massage, oil treatment, leave in conditioner
  • Hair type: Sensitive scalp, scalp conditions, dry, dull or lifeless hair
  • Where to buy: Health stores, online retailers, hair and beauty supply stores
  • Price: Mid-range

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Almond oil

Obtained from the dried kernels of either sweet or bitter almonds

Almond oil

  • Benefits: High in vitamins and minerals, lightweight, easily absorbed into the hair, pleasant barely-there odor
  • Use for: Scalp massage, mix with other oils, add shine
  • Hair type: Thin, dull hair, dry scalp, sensitive skin
  • Where to buy: Health stores, online retailers, hair and beauty supply stores (sweet almond oil is best for hair)
  • Price: Mid-range

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Avocado oil

Obtained from the fleshy fruit of the avocado.


  • Benefits: High in vitamin E and fatty acids, moisturizing, penetrates hair and scalp, strengthens hair, mixes well with other oils
  • Use for: scalp massage, conditioning treatments, hair dress
  • Hair type: Weak, dry hair and scalp, dandruff
  • Where to buy: health stores, supermarkets, online
  • Price: Mid-range

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Coconut oil

Extracted from the flesh or kernel of mature coconuts

Coconut oil

  • Benefits: Moisturizing, sweet odor, protects hair from elements, cools the scalp, helps hair retain moisture
  • Use for: Can be used to condition or style hair as can add hold
  • Hair type: Dry, brittle, breaking hair, chemically damaged hair
  • Where to buy: Supermarkets, hair and beauty supply stores, online
  • Price: Low

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Now you have had an overview of the best hair oils, you can see at a glance which oil or oils may be best for you. Oils are fabulous for caring for the hair that you already have and you can increase their effectiveness with vitamins to improve all that beautiful hair that you have yet to grow. A balanced intake of vitamins and minerals will, of course, be beneficial for health overall and a healthy body should grow healthy hair. However, there are a few vitamins that are particularly great for maintaining a wonderful head of hair:

Vitamin E helps the capillaries grow, which will increase circulation to the scalp and help it’s skin stay healthy and hair grow strong.

Biotin, which is actually Vitamin B7 renews the roots and follicles of the hair to produce thicker, stronger and healthier hair.

Vitamin D is used by the follicles of the hair during the growth cycle and helps the body to absorb other vitamins and minerals, such as calcium.

By using oils in conjunction with vitamins, you will be taking a holistic approach to caring for the health of your hair and this is sure to produce great results. Be sure to follow recommended doses of vitamins and don’t be afraid to experiment with different oils. Some oils can be mixed and matched with others to amplify their effects. Do not give up if you do not get the desired results from one type of oil, as there are so many choices out there and another may be perfect for you!